Transitional Care & Aftercare Program: New in 2023!

November 21, 2022

Moving is stressful even under the best of circumstances. We serve homeless young adults who’ve experienced trauma and may be moving to their first independent home. 80% of the LGBTQ housing residents have mental health and substance use issues where a move can trigger a relapse. This makes the year after move-out a critical time.

Starting early 2023, we’ll offer Transitional Care & Aftercare to better prepare young adults for success when they move to more independent housing.

Individuals and families will be evaluated for vulnerability and complete a Move-out Plan to ensure they consider all needs including budgets, travel routes, childcare, groceries, whether they have local family support, and more. We’ll phone and visit them for aftercare (how often is based on their vulnerability), assess their needs, and connect them to resources.

An aftercare program for young adults and families moving to independent housing will lessen repeat instances of housing instability. The program has long been a goal for Homeward NYC.