A Message from Our CEO

June 27, 2023

Jeannette Ruffins, CEO, Homeward NYCHomeward NYC provides housing for homeless young families, seniors, and LGBTQ young adults.

This housing is a launch pad to deliver services that help residents heal from traumas and gain the skills necessary for long-term housing stability.

The communities we serve share the common experience of intersecting traumas: homelessness, discrimination, family or intimate partner violence, mental health and substance use disorders, and fractured relationships with families of origin. We provide counseling for LGBTQ young people struggling with behavioral health and young mothers who’ve survived domestic violence.

When residents move to more independent housing, it’s both a positive step forward and a moment of vulnerability. Starting this year, we provide aftercare. We’ll contact individuals and families after move-out to assess needs and connect them to resources—so they remain stably housed.

Late summer, we open our third LGBTQ supportive housing site. With 50 apartments, Homeward Central Harlem will nearly double our capacity to serve LGBTQ young people.

As I write this message, I’m reminded that the Pride Month spirit is one of both celebration and activism.

I’m proud to work with a hardworking and caring team. Nonprofits provide most of the services for the City’s homeless persons. But underfunded City contracts keep many workers using the same services their clients need.

That’s why—in coalition with other providers—we continue to advocate for cost-of-living adjustments and a living wage for human services workers under City contract.

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Thank you for your giving, your volunteerism, and for staying informed about critical issues facing homeless New Yorkers.

Your generosity is life-changing for homeless young mothers, children, LGBTQ youth, and seniors. Thank you again!

All the best,
Jeannette K. Ruffins
Chief Executive Officer
June 2023

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