2020 By The Numbers: Your Impact

With the pandemic, 2020 was a challenging year for all of us. Supporters, volunteers and partners like you made the year better for the residents and staff of Homeward NYC.

Generous donors increased their giving. Volunteers provided cleaning supplies and homemade masks, organized a weekly hot meal delivery, held donation drives at their businesses, and provided holiday gifts to lift the spirits of the homeless families, seniors and LGBTQ young people we serve.

Young Families

Overcoming homelessness and abuse

In 2020, young families in our transitional shelter stayed for longer periods of time. Young mothers faced additional pandemic challenges finding childcare, and were more likely to be unemployed.

Volunteer virtual programs offered young mothers a moment to take a breath while volunteers entertained toddlers with games and dancing.

  • We served 176 young mothers and 263 children for a total of 439 individuals in young families
  • Average young mother age: 22 years old
  • Average child age: 22 months
  • 44% of young mothers lived in a shelter for some time during their own childhoods
  • 26% of young mothers were employed while a resident
  • Typical length of stay was 15 months

LGBTQ Young Adults

Healing from rejection and trauma

LGBTQ young adults also stayed at our supportive housing for longer periods of time. Fewer were employed or in a paid internship. However, more attended college or trade schools—using the time for training and education online. The pandemic exacerbated behavioral health issues nationwide, and 80% of these residents come to Homeward NYC with behavioral health concerns.

Support from staff, partner organizations, and fellow residents especially were appreciated this past year.

  • We served 62 LGBTQ young adults across two sites
  • 49 residents with mental health and/or substance use issues received behavioral health care
  • 35 residents were employed or in a paid internship
  • 9 residents attended college or vocational training
  • 1 resident trained to be a peer coach for newer residents
  • 3 residents moved successfully to more independent housing

Older Adults

Breaking cycles of abuse and poverty

Senior residents also experienced the difficulties of staying at home.

Private support allowed us to purchase card games, word searches and crossword puzzles to lift their spirits and stimulate their minds.

  • We served 40 older adults
  • Seniors had case workers advocate for them with doctors when they needed health care services

Thank you!

We respect and value our donors: 85% of your contributions went directly to programs. Thank you for placing your trust in us.

The generosity of our supporters, donors and partners sustains the skills-building programs and trauma-informed care Homeward NYC residents need to thrive. Thank you!

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