Your Impact in 2021

Since the pandemic started, empowerment, skills-building and counseling services once delivered in-person have been adapted to online tools. In-person workshops are now held in small groups.

Like many agencies in the age of COVID, we experienced some staff turnover. Supervisors did double duty to maintain a continuity of care until new staff were hired.

Even with vaccines available starting in 2021, establishing a “new normal” has been a challenge.

Young people and persons of color have higher vaccine hesitancy rates. Our residents predominantly are Black and Brown young adults.

We’ve had success boosting vaccination rates by offering gift cards, holding raffles, hosting information events with snacks and games, and providing vaccination on site.

Generous supporters, volunteers and partners like you made this challenging year better for the residents and staff of Homeward NYC. Thank you for making this work possible!

Young mother and baby on floor mat

Young families overcoming homelessness and abuse

In 2021, we expanded offerings in our Life Skills Program serving homeless young mothers. These expansions include new fitness classes and creating new move-out kits for young mothers transitioning from our shelter to permanent housing. The move-out kits contain needed items for a new home including pots and pans, kitchen utensils, cleaning supplies, and personal care items.

  • We served 154 young mothers and 219 babies and toddlers
  • Average young mother age: 22 years old
  • Average child age: 23 months
  • 25% of the young mothers were employed while a resident
  • 35 mothers transitioned from family shelter stay to permanent homes. Most moved to their own apartment. Others reunited with family after building healthier relationships.

LGBTQ young peopleLGBTQ young adults healing from rejection and trauma

In 2021, our Life Skills Program included more frequent book groups, workshops to build job interview skills, new mindfulness and meditation classes, and expanded financial literacy programs.

In November, we broke ground on our third supportive housing site. Homeward Central Harlem opens fall 2023.

  • We served 54 LGBTQ young adults
  • 39% of the young adults were employed, in a paid internship, attending college, or receiving vocational training
  • 12 residents moved successfully to more independent housing

Higher than usual move-outs are the result of pandemic-related City backlogs providing moving vouchers. In late 2021, the City addressed the backlog. Sixteen months’ worth of move-outs happened within four months—faster than new placements could occur within our 60 total apartment units.

Older manOlder adults breaking cycles of abuse and poverty

At the start of 2021, staff delivered breakfasts and wellness kits to seniors at their apartments.

Once COVID-19 vaccines were available, seniors could participate in more activities. Group activities boost physical and mental health in older adults.

Says one longtime resident, “Homeward NYC allows me to maintain my independence. My doctors are easily accessible. I really appreciate the assistance I receive from the [seniors] department, especially their kindness and support.”

  • We served 30 older adults
  • 30 seniors maintained long-term, affordable housing and received services to age in place

We respect and value our donors. Thank you for placing your trust in us.

82% of your contributions went directly to programsThe generosity of our supporters, donors and partners sustains the skills-building programs and trauma-informed care Homeward NYC residents need to thrive. Thank you!

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