Resident Stories: Meet Naomi

May 19, 2021

Young mother with two sons on a busNaomi is a Black Latina and the young mother of two boys. They reside at our Upper West Side location. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, Naomi has shown a fierce determination to build a better life for herself and her boys. Even when finding childcare was difficult, she completed a home health aide training program.

She enrolled her four-year-old in pre-K, where he has participated in virtual learning. She didn’t let language barriers stop her as she helped her son with virtual learning while still learning the technology herself.

Naomi lost her restaurant job in summer 2020 due to pandemic closings but applied for jobs nonstop. This past winter, she shoveled snow for the sanitation department—exhausting work that she did well. Naomi is committed to being a positive role model for her two sons. She looks forward to using her home health aide training in the future.

Thank you for sharing your story, Naomi!