Staff Stories: COVID-19 Edition

April 6, 2020

I go to work during this pandemic because it’s important to me to still be there for our young mothers even during social distancing… for them to know I’m there and whatever they and their children need I can try to assist.

Whether it’s essential items like food or diapers, or figuring out how to fix a public assistance case so they still receive their benefits during this hard time. Being there now means more than ever.

It has been tough, I must admit, but satisfying beyond words. To be able to do something for homeless women and children, to be active during this time of standstill.

I have a family and support system and unfortunately our families tremendously lack support from family and friends. I might be the only person they can reach out to if they need anything and this alone pushes me to wake up every day ready to help someone, listen to someone and simply keep doing it again each day.

— Karina Linares, Family Case Manager at Homeward Upper West Side