Volunteers: Year in Review

June 7, 2021
Homeward NYC toddlers play at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan

Homeward NYC toddlers play at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan

Volunteers and supporters increased their giving and found creative ways to help this past year. Thank you!

The Mom Squad, a volunteer group of Upper West Side moms and friends, provided a weekly hot meal for the young families and seniors at our mixed-age residence. They and founding member Cheri Fandozzi also held a drive to provide toiletries. Many of you, including Mom Squad Santa and birthday party entertainer Tim Ramsayer, provided cleaning supplies, masks and gloves to keep residents and staff safe.

Debbie Aronson, Director of Community Service Learning for The Calhoun School, teamed up with the Mom Squad to host a video chat coloring and dancing event for the family shelter toddlers. The event combined safe and small in-person fun with virtual activities and breakfast treats.

Dani Zuccheri, Lisa Zaloga and ZYOGA SPACE donated proceeds from online yoga classes to support meal delivery. Nicole Frankel and Yum Actually donated delicious fruit and veggie ice cream.

Many of you donated gift cards. Princess Asante shared her birthday with the UWS residents by bringing them presents.

AWARE (Assisting Women through Action, Resources and Education) fulfilled holiday wish lists and prepared Valentine’s Day spa bags.

Dr. Estee Williams provided Mother’s Day gift bags with toiletries and baby products.

Estee Williams (right) delivers gift bags (inset) to Homeward UWS residents

Estee Williams (right) delivers gift bags (inset) to Homeward UWS residents

Homeward NYC is grateful for our partners at local service organizations. They provided food assistance, substance use treatment, health care, and cultural enrichment. The Dorm donated the Christmas tree at our West Harlem LGBTQ site. The Children’s Museum of Manhattan hosted special activities for the young families from our Upper West Side site.
Dr. Karen Thornton and Doctors at the Ready COVID-19 Rapid Response provided onsite testing at our LGBTQ sites.

When COVID stay at home orders strained bandwidth, your donations allowed us to purchase Wi-Fi boosters—improving internet capacity so that residents and case workers could access public benefits, counseling and treatment online.

Your giving allowed us to meet emergency needs including nonperishable food for residents, toys and games for restless toddlers, and crossword puzzles and card games for the seniors. Thank you.

Your giving and volunteerism make this work possible. Please know how much our board, our staff and our residents appreciate you.

Thank You, Supporters, Partners and Volunteers!

Learn about the most effective ways to donate items at www.homeward.nyc/volunteer.