Our Unique Model

Homeward NYC provides transitional housing for homeless young mothers and their children, non-time limited affordable housing for LGBTQ young adults, and long-term affordable housing for low-income and homeless seniors.

At each location, we offer support services including case management, counseling, referrals, community-building activities, and life skills programs. Collaborative and respectful care is a core value—residents are active participants in their own care, goal-setting and achievement.

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Life Skills Program

Empowering young adults and building the skills needed for housing stability

We tailor our Life Skills Programs for the communities served, offering the Women’s Empowerment Program for young mothers and the True Colors Empowerment Program for LGBTQ young adults.

  • Independent Living Skills workshops: menu planning, shopping, housekeeping and budgeting
  • Additional workshops: financial literacy, nutrition, healthy relationships and abuse prevention, early childhood development, positive parenting, and healthy aging
  • Educational and vocational assessments, and high school equivalency programs offered onsite
  • Referrals to job training and placement programs targeted towards young adults
  • Learn more: Interview with a Life Skills program manager

Behavioral Health

Healing the related traumas of homelessness and abuse

All sites have a licensed clinical social worker to provide onsite individual and group counseling, with referrals for substance use and mental health concerns.

Most of the young mothers are survivors of domestic or family violence. Our clinical staff help mothers develop self-confidence and the emotional tools to manage responsibility for their children’s lives as well as their own.

Because many LGBTQ young adults experience family rejection and abuse that intertwines with behavioral health and substance use issues, we use an evidence-based harm reduction model where current sobriety (although encouraged and supported) is not required for residency.

Community Activities

Fostering connections and building interpersonal skills

All residents are encouraged to participate in community workshops and celebrations, and older residents are encouraged to mentor new residents.

Group activities foster connectedness within Homeward NYC buildings and in the larger community. Social activities create opportunities to model and practice sober interactions with peers.

For young adults, group activities build housing stability skills like being a responsible and considerate tenant and neighbor. For seniors, social activities improve health outcomes in depression and physical function.

Case Management

Advocating for residents and connecting them to resources

Our caseworkers ensure clients are connected to all financial and health benefits for which they are eligible.

Many residents (particularly the older adults and LGBTQ young adults) do not have supportive local family. Our team of professionals advocates for residents with doctors and city services. They also advocate for residents when they need hospitalization, inpatient behavioral health service or long-term care.