We serve LGBTQ young adults healing from rejection and trauma

Although 7% of youth in the US identify as LGBTQ, a staggering 40% of homeless youth identify as LGBTQ. Homeless LGBTQ youth experience high levels of harassment and violence on the street, in the shelter system, and elsewhere.

When seeking shelter, homeless LGBTQ people face difficulty finding shelters that will accept and respect them. Transgender people often are turned away at shelters. LGBTQ young people are more likely to engage in sex work and be victims of sexual assault crimes. Many struggle with substance use, and, prone to mental illness, LGBTQ youth die by suicide at a higher-than-average rate.

Currently we are home for 60 LGBTQ young adults

  • Ages 18 to 24 upon entry
  • Housing is non-time limited, residents don’t age out on their 25th birthday
  • 80% have serious mental illnesses and diagnosed substance use disorders

At Homeward NYC, LGBTQ young adults with a history of trauma gain access to affordable housing in a supportive setting where they collaborate as active participants in their own care, goal-setting and achievement.

Our locations



Approved applicants will be ages 18-24 at move in, be LGBTQ friendly and have income to qualify for Section 8 Housing Vouchers*

Qualified applicants are referred to us by:

The City of New York Department of Homeless Services

The Department of Youth and Community Development Runaway & Homeless Youth Services

*Rent for residents qualified for Section 8 Housing Vouchers is set at 30% of their annual income. This income may come in the form of employment or retirement income, Social Security or governmental assistance (cash assistance, Social Security Disability Insurance, etc.).

How to get help

Our LGBTQ young adult housing units:

  • 22 of the 60 units are allocated for NY/NYIII Pop A (chronically homeless single adults with serious mental illness); located at Homeward Bronx
  • 18 of the 60 units are allocated for NY/NYIII Pop E (those with diagnosed substance use disorders and a corresponding determination letter); located at Homeward West Harlem
  • 7 of the 60 units across two sites are allocated for Housing and Urban Development Disability (those with emotional and/or medical disorders)
  • 13 of the 60 units across two sites are allocated for General Population (those without a determination letter for emotional, medical or substance use diagnoses)

To qualify for Pop A or Pop E, you must complete an application through the City of New York Human Resources Administration

To qualify for Housing and Urban Development Disability, complete an application

Contact us for a General Population application

NEW! Homeward Central Harlem opened fall 2023