We serve older adults breaking cycles of abuse and poverty

Many of our senior residents are survivors of domestic or family violence. They have a history of chronic homelessness and have experienced their own cycles of poverty. Older adults who experience homelessness have medical needs atypical for their ages. They often exhibit age-related medical conditions similar to seniors 20 years older.

When seniors can age in place (instead of in more institutional settings), they are more socially engaged. This improves health outcomes in depression, physical function and muscle strength.

Currently we are home for 40 older adults

  • 59% identify as African American or Black
  • 16% identify as Hispanic or Latinx
  • Average age: 71 years old

At Homeward NYC, older adults with a history of trauma gain access to affordable housing where they can age with dignity under the supportive care of staff who respect diverse life experiences.

Our locations



Approved applicants will be age 55 plus and have income to qualify for Section 8 Housing Vouchers*.

Qualified applicants are referred to us by:

The City of New York Department of Homeless Services

*Rent for residents qualified for Section 8 Housing Vouchers is set at 30% of their annual income. This income may come in the form of employment or retirement income, Social Security or governmental assistance (cash assistance, Social Security Disability Insurance, etc.).