New Programs Debut at West Harlem LGBTQ Site

June 7, 2021

Resident at voter registration tableAt Homeward NYC, we serve resilient communities. We challenge ourselves to match their resiliency and adaptability with our own.

This past year, Dorothy Williams, Life Skills Program Manager at our West Harlem LGBTQ site, implemented new programs including a book club, mindfulness and meditation, art initiatives, and a transgender and gender non-binary resident group.

One art initiative activity took residents to a quiet section of the beach at Jacob Riis Park in Queens to meditate, create art, and connect with the outdoors.

49% of our LGBTQ young adults identify as trans or gender non-binary. These individuals often are marginalized and misunderstood even within the LGBTQ community.

Our new group fosters empowerment and raises awareness. For one of their first activities, residents cleaned up their block. They were delighted when their community neighbors thanked them and sparked conversation.

Another activity this past year? Voter registration. Trans and non-binary residents’ names often don’t match the name on their official documents. We help residents navigate this process, and residents help each other.

Speaking of civic engagement, Z., a young adult at our West Harlem LGBTQ site, was a featured questioner at a New York City mayoral candidate town hall and asked about increasing community support for supportive housing.